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‘Those who have beaten COVID-19 must focus on mental health, eat well’

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    25 May 2021

What should people do after recovering from COVID-19? How much time does it take to recuperate?

After recovering from COVID-19, people should try to keep their mental health strong. What we find is that the disease has a psychosocial impact on the person’s health. Also, concentrate on good nutrition. After any major illness, the body becomes weak. So, we have seen many patients getting bacterial infections after recovering and they are coming to the hospital with UTI or other infections. Exercising is also very important. If it was a very severe case of COVID-19, then the patient may take months to recuperate. If not, the patient recuperates in 15-20 days.

What type of exercises should people do?

Some people, who suffered a severe infection, get very weak during the illness and are not able to do any physical activity. Those who have mild symptoms should continue physical activity such as taking a stroll in an isolated area — even when they are positive. Also, they should do breathing exercises such as pranayam. Once they have recovered, they should go to open areas and do stretching, yoga, and continue with the breathing exercises. Take it light in the beginning and exercise as per the body’s demand. If you are feeling comfortable, then you can slowly increase intensity.

What type of foods should people eat after testing negative?

During COVID-19, many people suffer loss of taste and smell. So, once they have recovered, they want to indulge in sweets and junk food. They think they should do what they could not during the illness. People should not do this. Avoid take-out and junk food. You should eat fruits, vegetables, milk, and a lot of fiber — basically a healthy diet. You should also take nibu pani [lemon water], tender coconut water etc. for vitamin C and stay hydrated.

Any medicine or supplements?

People are taking all sorts of supplements. If you are okay after recovery, then taking a well-balanced diet will be enough. Vitamins are needed 15-20 days from the start of the disease. If you had severe infection and were hospitalised and still feeling very weak, then continue with supplements as per directions of the doctor. One should not take too much of supplements.

Which patients, with existing conditions, should be careful?

People with diabetes, chronic kidney disease, pregnant women, and immuno-compromised people, who had TB or HIV, should take more care than others. For people with diabetes, if they were given steroids, then their sugar levels may fluctuate, and they should be careful.

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