Once you create your profile, you can tap on information such as a list of mental health professionals, organizations, hospitals, clinics, NGOs..etc. With a location-enabled search function, you can get connected with mental health professionalsnear you. The mental health service providers will then receive messages if someone wants to consult with them. The public can contact counselors through chat messages or contact details that are provided by the mental health professionals.

Yes, Ualright provides free space for mental health professionals to showcase their profile and get connected with more people who need support.

We aim to become one of the user friendly online mental health platform. We enable the use  of technology to help the people to acquire mental wellbeing and to be a reason for mental health professionals and mental health organizations around the world to help the individuals to deal with mental illness.

Ualright mental health solutions is an online platform to seek solutions and advice regarding your mental condition. We offer solutions for every mental health issue underone umbrella so that those who need help can connect with professionals and organizations worldwide.


If you are in a crisis or a life-threatening situation, do not use this site and contact the emergency services located in your own city of residence/ country.